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Water Quality Sampling 2018-03-15T06:23:47+00:00

water-quality-testingWell Water Quality Sampling

In any transaction for the sale or exchange of real estate that includes a well that supplies ground water for domestic purposes, the seller of the real estate shall, upon accepting an offer to purchase that real estate, have the well tested for Arsenic, Nitrates and total Coliform bacteria.


  • Nitrates= $50.00
  • Arsenic= $50.00
  • Coliform= $65.00

Real Estate Set:

Total Coliform/E.Coli, Nitrate, Arsenic (7 Day Results)= $165  – Lab Rush Fee add: $55

Water Treatment Package:

Total Coliform/E. Coli, Silica, pH, Alkalinity, TDS, Mn, Hardness, Fe, NO3-N, Na, As= $295.00

Other Water Quality Testing Services are avaialble upon request