2020 has been crazy but we have finally made it to the spooky season. While our halloween may look different due to covid-19, the halloween spirit remains alive with costumes, candy, and spooky stories. But, you know what’s spookier than the urban myths and legends? Tap water. It’s estimated that over 56% percent of american households receive the majority of their water supply from the tap. Yikes! Tap water is one of the most unhealthy water sources you could drink and we’re gonna tell you why. 


Tap water has excessive amounts of a chemical called chlorine. This is a strong chemical that not only kills germs but causes damage to the human body. The scientific explanation is when chlorine enters the body it produces corrosive acid. When corrosive acid manifests within the human body it produces a common cough, breathing issues, chronic sore throat, tightness in the chest, and airway irritation. Be careful of tap water, it’s dangerous long term. 

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are commonly found in tap water. Not only are heavy metals bad for the environment, but they are terrible for human consumption. Mercury, lead, copper, chromium, cadmium, and aluminum pollute tap water. Just like chlorine, if consumed regularly over time you have a high risk of developing health issues. Commonly found diseases related to heavy metals include but are not limited to brain deformities, parkinsons, dementia, and alzheimers. Again, be careful of tap water!


Herbicides and pesticides have a notorious reputation for sneaking into your tap water supply. Once pesticides enter the human body they are known for causing irritation in the eyes and skin, headaches, allergies, and weakness. 

If you’ve been feeling sick for sometime and can’t seem to diagnose your issue, there’s a good chance it might be your water supply. If you’re looking for water alternatives the Aqua Pro Pump team can help you reach a fresh water supply! We work to find fresh ground water right in your home. We test your water regularly to ensure you are receiving top quality results. 

Contact us today and let’s chat about getting rid of toxic tap water and installing a fresh water system that not only taste clean but ensures the safety of your health! 

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